Leading Causes of Fires at Commercial Properties

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Top Causes of Commercial Property Fire Damage Disasters 

Commercial property fire damage disasters are something no one wants to go through in their lives since, apart from being dangerous to people, they can cost them a lot of money.

The reason for that is you can lose many of your properties in a fire, and it’s difficult to replace some of them. Therefore, you need to do the best you can to prevent any fire accident from happening, and the first step to doing that is knowing what causes them in the first place.

Many things can cause commercial fire damage disasters, but some causes are more common than others. Are you interested in knowing the top causes of commercial property fire damage disasters? You’ve landed on the right page! Keep reading to learn about them and why they happen.

Leading Causes of Fire at Commercial Properties

Cooking Accidents

Whether it’s on the news or because it happened to someone in your neighborhood, it’s not uncommon to hear a story of someone who had a fire in their house or building because of something that happened to their cooking equipment. Cooking appliances are prone to cause a fire if you are careless.

The same happens when those appliances malfunction, so it’s not always someone’s fault but something inevitable. Be mindful of what you do with flammable oils, grease, and anything that could cause a fire in the future.

Regardless of that, you may not be the one in charge of cooking appliances if you work in a commercial building with other people in charge of that.

Careless Mistakes 

While some cooking accidents are not someone’s fault, it’s easy to cause a fire due to your carelessness. Things, such as smoking where you shouldn’t, are dangerous for commercial buildings. Doing those things could put a lot of people in danger.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to teach your employees what they can or can’t do in your workplace. Doing things, such as using flammable candles in the building, should be banned if you think you are in danger of getting in a fire.

Electrical Malfunction

Modern buildings are often too reliant on electrical devices, and while that’s not an issue, it raises the risk of having an electrical malfunction. Old and defective wiring is prone to causing circuit overloads or loose connections.

Those issues can lead to overheating, and that spark can ignite a fire

Lighting problems are also common in commercial buildings due to the number of activities done daily. This can happen in office properties, mercantile buildings, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. We recommend you invest all the funds you can in preventing this from happening.


You may not expect this to happen in your commercial building, but no one is safe from a criminal or random person who intentionally causes a fire in the building. However, that is something the security personnel needs to take care of.

Final Thoughts 

Fire disasters are devastating for businesses and the people who work there. Not only you are dealing with the life of all the people there but also all the income you can lose after it. Beware of the possible causes of a fire and try to prevent them all from happening.

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